[US Direct] SUPZOOM Inflatable Surfing Paddle Board

$700 $1,499


Product Name: Inflatable Paddle Board
Product Type: SUPZOOM-ANM0005
Product Size: 320CMx81CMx15CM
Product Weight: 12.8KG
Displacement: 320L
Maximum Load: 125KG
Maximum Air Pressure: 15-20PSI


-The main material is reliable and light.It is made of high-strength and air-tight dwf material. The high rigidity and high pressure resistance provide a use effect comparable to that of a hard board.

-The material also has more than 10,000 times of flexural resistance, so that the inflatable pulp board has unparalleled portability.

-The high airtightness allows the paddle board to be used for 6 months when inflated in a harsh environment.

Functional design features of paddle board

1.For novice users, sufficient width provides very good balance and stability.

2.Paddle Board Arc Design:The 15-degree upturn design of the bow and the length of 320cm ensure the rowing speed and provide users with a very good long-distance rowing experience.

3.EVA:The eva with diamond embossing provides super anti-slip ability.

4.D Ring:12 d-ring stickers provide more mounting capacity, and also provide a greater front and rear adjustment distance for the optional seat.

5.Caudal Fin:Equipped with a main caudal fin and two auxiliary caudal fins. The main tail fin adopts a buckle type, which is safe and easy to install. The uxiliary caudal fin provides better stability, allowing users to quickly turn while maintaining a straight line.

Package Included:

1 x Inflatable Paddle Board

1 x Backpack

1 x Adjustable paddle

1 x Hand pump

1 x Repair kit

1 x Ankel leash

1 x Carry strap

1 x Paddle hold device

1 x Waterproof bag